Chan’s Blog – Pringy, France Allergan Trip

Chan and Keely recently went along to a two day trip to the Allergan factory in Pringy, France. We use Allergan because they are the leading provider of Botox and Juvederm dermal filler; we’re constantly looking to improve our knowledge so we can provide a better service to you, our customers.

Chan produced a three-part blog on how it went and they learnt, we’ve also down a video interview on their experience. Scroll down and check it out!

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    Chani’s Pringy Trip Diary

    Thurs 12th Feb

    5am: Alarm goes off [presses snooze for a further 9mins]

    6am: Arrive at Manchester Airport. Keely (nervous flyer & now already stressed) calls to say no trams & train isn’t for another 29mins! She’s off to a crackin’ start then

    Meanwhile I hit the shops in true Chani style!

    Keely finally arrives with minutes to spare, has her bag searched (as she forgot about the tooth paste she’d left in her bag!), makes an emergency stop at the shops to buy underwear to last her the 2days! (…someone forgot to pack properly!) then we zoom off to gate 9

    Over at Gate No 9 we’re greeted by a sea of school kids boarding our plane, all giddy for the annual skiing trip – bloody perfect! (Keely’s face is a picture – in fact, I took one to show you – did I mention she’s a nervous flyer!)

    Least I wasn’t sat next to any of them on the plane. No… I was lucky enough to be sat next to a very chatty 3yr old (kill me now) who’s every other word was ‘why aren’t we there yet?’ ear plugs in… I gotta feeling I’m in for a long flight! .

    Landed… after listening to Seth & Cuthbert (the chatty 3yr old & his 4yr old brother) yes that really was their names! After 2hrs it was safe to say I was ready for getting off the plane and on to the hotel

    Arrive at hotel … Only were one man down someone miscounted and we left Diane at the airport (could have done with Jame’s here at this point!) …. Still Chani’s happy

    Taxi driver heads back for Diane… Chani & Roo put feet up…. Enjoying the view….

    Whilst we finish off my corned beef sarnies

    End of part 1 🙂

    Check out the video interview!

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