Celebrities Visit SkinViva!

But Everybody is a VIP

by  Dr Tim Pearce MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP

As Skinviva has grown with our clinic located near to the BBC’s media city in Salford, we have seen a steady rise in celebrity clients and journalists who do TV work requesting treatments from dermaroller microneedling to BOTOX® and dermal fillers.

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    Though it always creates a stir when well known names come to our city center clinic, it actually hasn’t required a different approach to our non-celeb clients.

    The reason for this is that our doctors have all been selected and trained for a natural client centered approach, which requires an understanding of the person in context of the life they lead- be they a teaching assistant or fresh off the soap set.

    For celebrities who do TV work it may be that the frown that in others creates an unwanted negative expression may be vital for their role in a soap, and so a softer approach is taken.  However, the same may be true for the police detective who wants to retain a sense of gravitas when questioning suspects, or the primary school teacher who wants to shoot stern looks instead of shout at her class!   It’s all about understanding people in context, and tailoring the service we offer to their precise needs and objectives.

    All this of course takes time, but this ‘everyone is a VIP’ ethos means everyone actually gets the exact same high quality service and the same person centered approach to their treatments, and the celebrities benefit as much as the all our clients.

    All our doctors have all been trained intensively on consultation skills that place understanding the client and working in partnership rather than in a directive manner as key objectives.

    This is the only way to be sure the treatment fits the person, and it’s one way SkinViva leads the industry in providing high quality bespoke treatments and 1st class customer service to all our VIPs.

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