Will the Filler Move After Being Injected?

A Common Dermal Fillers Question

Answered by Dr Tim Pearce

One of the questions I’m asked a lot, is “will the filler move after my procedure?”.

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    The answer in short is ‘no’, but the reason for this is quite fascinating.

    The dermal fillers we use in the Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Vycross ranges are made of a very clever molecule. Like all cleverest molecules, it’s natures own design that makes it so special.

    The Juvederm range uses hyaluronic acid, which is in fact a type of sugar or carbohydrate which is made by our skin cells already, so they are use to having it around.  The molecule has a unique ability to partly love being in water, and partly not like being near water.   This makes it coil when it is in your skin, and it naturally wraps around your existing collagen and elastin within the first 6 hours of being injected. We call this process ’tissue integration’ and it’s responsible for some of the best aspects of modern dermal fillers.

    Amazingly, this molecule does not actually bind to any of the other molecules, so it can still if need be be removed or moved but it is not something that would happen by accident.

    For you this means your treatment fits in around your life – you don’t have be treading on egg shells, the treatment fits in with normal everyday impacts on your skin extremely well.

    One of the other amazing aspects of this molecule is that you can dissolve it very easily if you did not like the effect – something of particular concern when it comes to lip augmentation or enhancement.

    Thankfully, I have never needed to reverse one of these procedures, but it’s very nice to know that you can if need be.

    by Dr Tim Pearce 
    MBChB BSc (hons) MRCGP

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