“Brotox… Why I bit the bullet”

Think Botox is just for the girls? Well try telling that to truck driver, Tony Harper!

The 46 year old amateur boxer paid a visit to SkinViva’s Manchester clinic after years of squinting at the road had given him premature wrinkles…

“Sometimes I’d get to work in the morning and people would say, ‘You look absolutely shattered. Are you okay? Have you not slept?’

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    “But I was absolutely fine – I just looked really tired because of the state of my skin.

    “I love my job, but I think all truckers are susceptible to really bad wrinkles.

    “You’re often in the cab all day, squinting through the window because of the glare from the sun.

    “Do that day in, day out, for 20 years like I have and you’re asking for trouble.

    “I have tried really hard to protect my skin – I wear sunglasses all the time, my mates at work call me ‘Shades’ because my sunnies are never off my head – but even that hasn’t stopped me getting really deep frown lines.

    “When you get to your mid-forties, you start to feel your age. I didn’t want to look it too.

    “Sure, a few people have had a good laugh at my expense when they found out I’d had Botox.

    “But it’s water off a duck’s back for me. I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. And besides, I can handle myself!

    “If you’re not happy with the way you look, do something about it because it honestly does make you feel and look better.

    “I’m really pleased with the results.”

    SkinViva’s Dr Sharan said:

    skinviva dr sharan

    “Tony already looks younger than his age and has great features. But he came to see me as he wanted to get rid of his crow’s feet.

    “We treated the crow’s feet, the lines on his forehead and his frown line with Botox.

    It was really important to Tony that the treatment looked natural. He didn’t want to look ‘done’. We believe that the perfect treatment is one where people notice that you look great afterwards, but they’re not always able to put their finger on why.”

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