Bride has VivaLift before her wedding day!

Jo, SkinViva’s Customer Experience Manager, recently got married!

As part of her wedding-prep, Jo decided to have a VivaLift (non-surgical facelift using anti-ageing injections and Dermal Fillers) with Dr Aimee.

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    In the below video, Dr Aimee explains the transformation Jo received. You’ll find useful diagrams explaining exactly where the product was placed.

    Why did Jo decide to have a VivaLift?

    ‘’With my wedding coming up, it made me more aware of how I wanted to look the best that I could’’ – Jo

    Most women want to look and feel their absolute best on their wedding day. Whether that’s getting your hair and makeup done or losing a few pounds.

    vivalift non surgical face lift

    ‘’Getting married at 43 made me feel like a teenager again, I felt so young. But when I looked in the mirror, I just looked a bit tired. I wanted to look the way I felt”

    Jo’s Facelift treatment plan: what areas were treated?

    Brow filler – The skin around Jo’s upper eyelid is heavy, causing her to look and feel tired. The hooding is particularly noticeable from her side profile. By adding dermal filler directly into the eyebrow, Dr Aimee lifted the brow making it more aesthetically beautiful.

    Temple/forehead – The centre of Jo’s forehead and cheekbones are full of volume. But there’s a contrasting dip running from the side of the forehead/temple down towards the cheekbone. Dr Aimee replaced this volume loss with dermal filler to create a more harmonious transition.

    Mid-face region – Jo has a slight dip in her inner cheek, which can be restored by adding cheek fillers. A small amount of filler was added in the nasolabial folds to soften the crease and near the corners of the mouth to correct a slightly downturned mouth.

    Lower face region – As we age our jawline changes shape, so Dr Aimee added filler to define the jaw and lift the lower face. Our chins also tend to roll upwards as we age, to rectify we added chin filler to turn it down and create a softer feminine shape. In order to not isolate the chin, filler was added to the pre-jowl area so it all blended together.

    Jo received 11mls in total for full face rejuvenation.

    Want to know what Jo looked like on her wedding day? View here:

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