Turn a Gummy Smile into Hollywood Smile

New Use for Botox Injections

gummy smileWhile botox injections are best known for their rejuvenating results, they have a number of other uses too, including treating a ‘gummy smile’.

A gummy smile is when the top lip rises well above the teeth, exposing visible gums.

Now more and more patients in the UK are having botox injections to stop the lip rising so far, which decreases the amount of gum on display.

This treatment was recently featured in the Daily Mail.

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Naderi told the Daily Mail:

‘For people that smile aggressively, Botox can decrease amount of gum shown.’

‘Also, for those whose full lips disappear and get thinned out when they smile, Botox can correct that’ 

Botox for Gummy Smile

Anything showing 3-4mm of gum or more starts to look ‘gummy’ and overexposed.


Botox injections are a simple yet effective solution. The injections into the hyperactive upper lip muscles simply reduce its elevation to leave less gum exposed.

For those who have had to conceal or limit their smile, it can be a liberating experience, allowing them the freedom to smile openly.

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