Botox for Men – Patient Interview

SkinViva’s Business Development Director Lee Cottrill describes his experience with BOTOX – firstly for sweating, then for wrinkles.  

In this interview, Lee also discusses his thoughts on non-surgical treatments for men and his intentions for future treatment – namely the non-surgical nose job.

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    Non-Surgical Treatments for Men

    Interview: Lee shares his experience

    How long have you been having treatments?

    My first ‘cosmetic’ treatment wasn’t actually with SkinViva believe it or not!

    I say ‘cosmetic’ because often there’s debate around whether treatments with botulinum toxin and dermal fillers are cosmetic or medical. Generally speaking, if the treatment is to help with an underlying detrimental problem – mental or physical – then it’s medical. Anyway, back to the question…

    My first Botox treatment was on the NHS and it was around 2005 for excessive sweating from my armpits (known medically as hyperhidrosis).

    Unfortunately, this is few and far between to get on the NHS these days. Back in 2005 I was only mid-twenties so I certainly wasn’t in need of Botox for anything else…I wish this was still the case!

    What treatments have you had in the past?

    Well, I originally kicked off with Botox in my armpits because I was fed up with wet patches under my arms which used to stain my shirts (my mum used to FLIP) and cause embarrassment at work. I’d tried the strong and rather bee-sting-like aluminium chloride deodorants and didn’t think they made much difference (plus I was always a bit concerned about side effects from aluminium use in the body). I DEFINITELY didn’t fancy a surgical intervention albeit I was getting pretty desperate so my doctor said there was a trial at my local hospital for Botox. I tried it, it worked, happy days!

    Next up, and winding the clock forwards into my late twenties and several years now into frowning at my computer at work, I started to get fine lines across my forehead and a couple of lines (like a number eleven) in between my eyebrows. Originally they were only there when I screwed my face up but then I noticed in the mornings and last thing at night (dehydration maybe?) that they were there when my face was relaxed as well.

    I was working in SkinViva by this point and so had my first Botox injections in my face under Dr Tim. Several jabs later my forehead and frown were treated and I was ready to go. Tim told me nothing would happen to start with and it would take a few days before I saw or felt anything. As predicted, after a couple of days I started to feel a tightening in the skin of my forehead and a few days later the lines were…well…gone!

    Last year I had my most recent form of treatment… I asked the SkinViva clinicians for some dermal filler around my mouth as, now at age 34, I have some small (definitely small!) lines going down from the corners of my mouth. I wanted to stop these in my tracks so I had small amounts of dermal filler injected at each corner to give the mouth a lift and to fill the lines. The results were great and now it’s a case of maintaining every year or so.
    My most recent treatment was with Dr Sharan for upper face Botox and we filmed the whole procedure so we could share what’s involved with you.

    Do you consider yourself vain?

    Vanity is a word we’re not mad keen on at SkinViva. It implies you have an excessive concern or opinion with your appearance or self-worth. Do I consider myself vain? No. I consider myself confident in how I look and who I am and I want to make sure I always make the best of that throughout my life. Going to the gym, meditating, eating well, limiting alcohol, moisturising my skin, and having advanced skin treatments (including injectables) are what I personally find works well for me.

    What do you think men in general think about getting Botox?

    I could get pretty deep and meaningful on this question and start waffling about the evolution of the sexes, but for the sake of keeping things simple… I think we’re at the beginning of a new era in masculinity where men are ‘allowed’ to feel comfortable with who they are and what they enjoy.

    More guys than ever before want to look as good as they can and be confident with the age they’re at. We don’t have to look too far back in history to see how it repeats itself…back in the 1950s, it was considered taboo for women to dye their hair and look how that turned out! My point is that men need to be confident in themselves and do what’s right for them as individuals to achieve their goals and desires, whether that be academic wins, family life, or looking great with cosmetic treatments and working hard at the gym.

    I started with SkinViva in 2011 and since then I’ve seen more and more guys coming to us for treatment – men in suits, straight from the gym, from the building site, with their families etc. Increasingly, I believe this is because everyone is recognising that these kind of advanced skin treatments are safe and effective, delivering real results without the need for surgery.

    What treatments are you considering for the future?

    I’m not a fan of my nose – I don’t like its point-i-ness, its sharpness and the overhang from the forehead at the top. SO, given that non-surgical nose jobs have become somewhat of a speciality for the SkinViva team, I might just have a few adjustments done in the nose department over the next 12 months. After that it’s my eyes that are getting the attention as there’s some valleys starting to form under my eyes (tear troughs) which I’d like subtly restoring where my cheeks have started to lose volume and so I’m beginning to look a bit hollow under the eyes. Beyond that, well, that receding hairline of mine isn’t doing me any favours haha!

    What would you say to men considering treatment with SkinViva for the first time?

    Start small and if you’re nervous (& care) about what your friends and family will think then make your practitioner aware so that they can keep your treatment extra subtle. That way your friends won’t know you’ve had treatment but WILL think about how good you’re looking lately. Then, when and if you’re ready, you can let them know what you’ve had done and relish in the surprised look on their faces! The important thing is to focus on addressing what it is that bothers you or what you want to improve so that you’re investing in yourself for the right reasons and not for other people.

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