Botox Manchester Prices

With everyone conscious these days about getting the best ‘bang for their buck’, value for money is more relevant than ever.

On the flipside however our desire to look good and willingness to spend to achieve our goals is ever on the increase with consistent year-on-year growth in Manchester anti-ageing treatments.

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    As one of the most popular additions to beauty regimes then, what trends do we see happening in the Manchester Botox market?

    Botox Cost Survey

    We looked at the trends between Jan-12 and Dec-12 to see what’s happening in the north-west region, specifically for Botox Manchester prices and found the following interesting results (based on a sample of 40 organisations).

    • Average Manchester Botox prices for the 1 area (e.g. forehead, frown, crows’ feet) have marginally increased between January and December 2013 by around 1%. Our sample set looked across a broad cross-section of clinic types including big name (and often more expensive) organisations right down to the ‘one-man-band’ nurses who may be offering mobile treatments. In our sample, the average price for an established organisation for 1 area currently sits at £175
    • A large range exists for the 1 and 2 area prices for the ‘one-man-band’ organisations ranging from £100 all the way up to £200
    • The largest organisations in our sample were also the most expensive for Botox Manchester prices with typical 1 area prices advertised at “from £199”
    • SkinViva’s most common treatment carried out of 3 areas of Botox saw a high in our sample set of ‘from £470’ against an average market price of £300
    • The cheapest Botox Manchester prices were often found through some stonking offers that were out there, for example, SkinViva is currently offering £50 off for January and February 2013 bookings reducing the 1 area Botox prices to just £120!

    All-in-all what are we to conclude?

    Based on our sample, there continues to be a range of Botox Manchester prices out in the market often based around differing sizes of organisation and experience of individual clinicians’ and associated reputations.

    Whilst value for money is important to all of us, it’s important to remember that experienced, qualified Manchester clinicians should always be sought to ensure a safe and great looking result.

    Lee Cottrill, Business Development Director for SkinViva points out though that:

    “Where price does feel restrictive to customers wanting an experienced, reputable clinician, SkinViva offers a Botox and Dermal Filler “Pay Monthly” option which makes all our treatments affordable to everyone.”

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