Botox Increasing Popularity in the 20’s

Is it too Early for Cosmetic Injections?

News from the USA this week has revealed a 10% increase in 20-30 year old women having botox. Rather than waiting for lines and wrinkles to develop, the strategy is to start using botox younger to prevent the signs of ageing appear in the first place. Does it work?

Botox certainly can be used effectively to delay, prevent, or minimise the tell-tale signs of ageing appearing. Botulinum toxin is injected into the fine dynamic facial muscles that cause lines to appear over time. When they botox has been injected, the movements stop and therefore the skin can appear smoother and more relaxed.

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    Is 20 too young?

    Critics have been concerned about whether it is appropriate to use botox on such young patients. Certainly at 20, there is likely to be very little evidence of ageing. Skincare advice at this age is more about establishing a good cleansing and moisturising regime to keep skin clear and healthy. Above all, good sun protection is the best anti-ageing habit, protecting skin from the damaging UVA/UVB rays on a daily basis.

    Cosmeceutical skincare can be very helpful as well as or dermaroller microneedling to promote skin health.

    However, in the late 20’s some patients may be seeing signs of premature ageing. This is particularly likely to affect those that have smoked or over-indulged in the sunshine, who are likely to see lines and wrinkles appearing before their counterparts. At this point, some patients do consider cosmetic injections.

    A good cosmetic treatments clinician should advise on what is best for the patient as an individual. That means taking full consideration of their skin condition, lifestyle, general health, medical history and their concerns – as well as just their age.

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