Is BOTOX Bad For You?

BOTOX is without a doubt, the most popular anti- ageing cosmetic treatment in the aesthetic industry today, but its widespread use has left people asking the question… Is BOTOX bad for you?

Botox treatment

Medical Director at SkinViva Dr Tim Pearce treats over 500 clients a month at his Manchester Clinic, and is a firm advocate of the safety and effectiveness of BOTOX injections.

In the latest video, Dr Tim explains that BOTOX is actually one of the most researched drugs in the world – second only to Viagra!

The reason why BOTOX is so safe is because of where it is broken down. Most drugs are broken down in the liver or kidneys, which can have negative side effects for the user. The reason why BOTOX is not only very safe but also highly effective is because it doesn’t spread very far from where it is injected.

Once BOTOX is injected, it splits into two parts and enters the nerve cell where it stays intact until being broken down by the nerve. This means that BOTOX isn’t metabolised by your kidneys or liver and therefore, doesn’t bring with it any of the negative side effects that you sometimes experience when taking medication by mouth.

This also makes drug interactions incredibly rare, meaning that BOTOX one of the safest drugs in use today.

Want to know more? Check out Dr Tim’s video below…

Video: Is BOTOX Bad For You?

by Dr Tim Pearce

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