A guide to booking in time for Christmas!

Want to look and feel your best in time for party season?

We can help you figure out when to book your treatment just in time for your Christmas party.

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    It’s different depending on what type of treatment you have, so we recommend you have a read before booking.



    We recommend that you give fillers at least 2 weeks before your special occasion. This will give it time for the filler to settle into the skin and for any possible side effects to calm down.

    Side effects can include things such as redness, swelling, tenderness and bruising. Click here to read about them in more detail.

    As well as not looking the way you want to, side effects can also stop you feeling 100%. It is best to time your appointment accordingly with your social calendar.

    It is important to note that certain areas of the face are more sensitive than others, and this varies on different people.

    If you happen to suffer the side effects even after timing your appointment accordingly, there are certain things you can do such as applying cold compresses, massage and applying Arnica gel.

    Anti-ageing injections

    The procedure for anti-ageing injections is relatively quick and pain free. However, there are certain things you cannot do afterwards. This includes no exercise, alcohol or exposure to heat for the 24 hours following treatment.

    It is important to keep track of your anti-ageing injections appointments as you need to wait 12 weeks before each full treatment dose. The results tend to fade after 4 months post treatment.

    When choosing a anti-ageing injections appointment in time for your Christmas party you need to remember that the results are not instant. The results will become visible from 1 week after treatment.

    Refer to our table below to see what would be the best date for your Christmas party.


    SkinViva Manchester

    The SkinViva clinic was established in 2008 and has an excellent reputation for offering high quality skin treatments in the North West.

    Their team offer free consultations at their main clinic in Manchester.

    A consultation is always required before any cosmetic treatment with an experienced aesthetic medical professional.  They will carry out treatment and this can normally be done at the same appointment if required.

    For further information or to arrange a confidential consultation with a cosmetic doctor or dentist, please call 0161 865 1141, email contact@skinviva.com.


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