Best Advice for Rosacea Skin

Our SkinCare Specialist Samantha Tomlinson loves helping client to improve the condition, health and appearance of their skin. 

Many struggle with skin conditions that can cause concern, discomfort or embarrassment; yet the right skin treatment or regime can make a world of difference.

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    Sam shares her expertise on rosacea skin in this guest blog.

    Best advice for Rosacea Skin

    “Rosacea is a really common skin condition that is under-diagnosed and is more common than most people think.

    “The cause of rosacea is still unknown and there is not a cure, however there are many ways to manage this skin condition.

    “Some of the symptoms of Rosacea include flushing and redness in the centre of your face, visible broken blood vessels, swollen skin and in more severe cases, rosacea can present itself as acne like breakouts, very red skin.  In short, if you find your skin turns red very easily with different triggers, from hot spicy food, wine, cold, wind, sun, stress and more, it might be time to start taking steps to control symptoms of Rosacea and manage the condition.

    “One of the common triggers for Rosacea is UV light, the most important skincare step is to ensure you are applying
    an SPF everyday to protect against UV rays which exacerbates rosacea and leads to signs of ageing.  One of my top picks is Heliocare Mineral Tolerance Fluid SPF 50 which is a light breathable fluid supercharged with antioxidants to protect skin health as well as being suitable for the most sensitive skins.  It absorbs quickly and leaves a silky finish.

    “It’s really important when selecting your skincare products to opt for a gentle regime and non abrasive products with plenty of antioxidants and barrier protecting ingredients.  Also, another top tip for looking after this condition is to always use gentle cleansers. Massage lightly with fingertips when cleansing and use lukewarm water to remove products and pat the skin dry, do not use flannels or mesh sponges which can irritate.

    “One of my favourite ranges for treating skin with rosacea is the Restore range from Neostrata. The active ingredients in this range are Polyhydroxyl Acids (PHAs) which help strengthen and hydrate the outermost layer of the skin.

    “They are ideal for sensitive skins with inflammatory conditions, as they are powerful antioxidants. The range contains many formulas containing fatty acids and ceramides which will help minimise symptoms of redness, stinging and dryness.

    “With the correct skincare in place and knowing how to manage this skin condition you can certainly improve the appearance and texture of your skin, leaving you with a natural healthy glow. “


    The fabulous Restore range is available at SkinViva’s Manchester clinic, where our SkinCare specialists are available to provide personalised advice. Products can also be purchased online. The range includes:

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    If you’re not sure where to start or need a review of your skincare regime, book in at our Manchester clinic, where you can take advantage of a full skin assessment and receive advice on tailor-made skin care regime that will address your skin concerns.

    A fully comprehensive skin assessment with our expert SkinCare Specialist costs £50, but this fee is redeemable against products purchased on the day (minimum value £50), making it essentially FREE OF CHARGE. You’ll also get the opportunity to take home a few FREE SAMPLES, so there’s nothing to lose in finding out more about how cosmeceutical skincare could revolutionise the condition and appearance of your skin!


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