Could Anti-Ageing Injections Help Fight Cancer?

botox newsBotox has hit the headlines again, with the news that scientists have found that the botulinum toxin used in anti-ageing injections might also be able to help in the fight against cancer. 

This is not the first time that other applications have been found for Botulinum Toxin. Botox is already licensed to help those with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and migraine and can also be used in certain bladder conditions. In fact its original application was for treating eyes with a squint.

Botox essentially works by blocking the nerve functions that control bodily actions such as muscle movement or sweating.

Now a study in Science Translational Medicine has shown that nerves can contribute to the growth of cancer in the stomach. Research on mice found that using botox to kill nerves could stop the growth of stomach tumours. This alone would not ‘stop’ them, but it could make the chemotherapy treatment more effective.

Eleanor Barrie, senior science communications manager at Cancer Research UK, said:

“Over the last few years, some evidence has emerged that certain stomach cancers might depend on signals from the nervous system to grow.

“This interesting study adds to that evidence, and shows how probing the inner workings of cancer can spark ideas for innovative new treatments. But the research is at an early stage and it’s not yet clear if this particular approach could help to save patients’ lives.”

Clearly this is early days, but human testing is underway for a group of people having surgery to remove stomach cancer.

It has also been suggested that prostate cancer treatment could be more effective by pre-treating the nerves in the area with botox.

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