Facelift for men: Andrew’s VivaLift by Dr Sharan

We are so excited to show you this fantastic VivaLift result (a non-surgical facelift using anti-ageing injections & dermal fillers) by Dr Sharan on our lovely client, Andrew.

Scroll down to see his amazing non-surgical facelift Before and After result and why you should think about a VivaLift this year at SkinViva in Manchester!


before vivalift

Why did Andrew seek a non-surgical facelift?

Andrew came to Dr Sharan saying his aim was to look younger, fresher and to get some lift.

This is because as we age our skin tends to lose elasticity.

In total, Sharan used 11 mls of Dermal Filler and anti-ageing injections to create the desired result.

Anti-ageing injections were placed in the frown lines and crows’ feet to reduce and soften existing lines and to prevent them from deepening.

side vivalift

Dermal filler was placed in the temples and eyebrow area to lift the hooded eyes. The surgical option of blepharoplasty will provide better results for hooding, yet filler is perfect for those who don’t want to go under the knife.

By adding filler in the cheeks, it has created a lifted and youthful look without looking feminine. By placing filler in the pre jowl and chin area it has defined and sculpted to emphasise stronger, angular and younger looking features.

vivalift front before and after

How does Andrew feel after his VivaLift (non-surgical facelift)?

Andrew was delighted with his results and they exceeded his expectations. One of his main concerns was that he did not want the result to look too ‘done’. Instead, he got a natural looking result that doesn’t look like he was augmented in the slightest.

The procedure is not overly painful, but the results are instant. You may experience slight bruising & swelling over the days proceeding the treatment, but downtime is down to a minimum compared to the surgical route. Results can last around 1-1.5 years, yet we have had clients where it has lasted up to 3!

How am I going to pay for this?

We understand that January can be a tricky time for some following the Christmas period.

The Direct Debit scheme can help by offering the option of interest-free monthly payments and is actually cheaper than pay as you go options.

Find out more information by heading to our page here.


For further information on a VivaLift or to arrange a confidential consultation with a cosmetic doctor or dentist, please call 0161 865 1141, email contact@skinviva.com.

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