AFA – Dr Tim Introduces Advanced Facial Analysis

The Advanced Facial Analysis (AFA) is a concept set to revolutionise the way the industry thinks about facial rejuvenation. 

Dr Tim Pearce explains the background to his innovation in our latest video.

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    He says the idea started in 2009 at a conference with other BOTOX® and dermal fillers practitioners, where the conversation turned to those treatments which, as he explained ‘look a little bit overdone – people who look fake from across the room’. He was prompted to think about how practitioners can avoid this issue and help patients look natural and beautiful as well as younger.

    He says:

    “Everyone was saying how bad it was and we shouldn’t be doing it and we shouldn’t see people who’ve been over treated. Everyone was agreeing that we should all be trying to make more natural beautiful results. But there were quite a few people involved in that conversation who actually looked (in my eye) like they’d had a lot of treatment done and this really got me thinking, because we all agreed on paper what we should be doing, but how come certain people were not actually living in that themselves.

    “What I concluded was that it’s to do with the danger of doing little bits here, little bits there, without doing a treatment plan and without having an end goal in mind.

    “So that got me thinking if I’m going to treat people… you’re actually responsible for the direction people take and how they look over the years and you need to be careful.

    “So that’s what gave me the idea for an AFA – we need to do careful plans to keep people on a specific course so that they aren’t slowly changing into something that they never really wanted. That’s the route of the AFA.

    “So what we do is we look at the ratios the normal human face should be, we look at the anatomy and we should do careful plans around what you’re seeing and what the patient’s goal is that makes sure that you get there in the end and that you stay where you aim to be and not drifting off course.”

    The AFA Concept:

    By looking at the face holistically, we’re able to create a treatment plan that’s designed for your anatomy and ratios – most of all, creating a naturally beautiful result without looking “done”.

    More Information

    AFA: Advanced Facial Analysis

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