Aesthetic Clinicians

All consultations and treatments are carried out by highly trained aesthetic medical professionals

Medically Qualified Aesthetic Clinicians

Our Aesthetic Clinicians are all qualified medical professionals, such as doctors, dentists and nurses, who have chosen to specialise in aesthetic treatments.

They have all undertaken further learning and gained considerable expertise and experience in non-surgical treatments before joining the SkinViva team.

The personal touch – treatments tailored to you.

It’s all about understanding. Before doing anything, our expert clinicians will sit with you, look at the problem area through your eyes and discuss the best solution. Which means your treatment will be tailored to you, subtly enhancing and refreshing your natural features. It’s an approach which is undeniably simple, yet effective. Just ask our clients!

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Dr Adam

Dr Adam Cheong


Meet Dr Adam


Dr Adam Cheong at SkinViva

Review of Dr Adam Fillers
Review of Dr Adam
Review of Dr Adam BOTOX

Dr Aimee Clark

Dr Amy Law

Dr Amy Law


Meet Dr Amy


Dr Amy Law at SkinViva

Review Dr Amy SkinViva

Dr Mona Attarpour

Dr Mona


Meet Dr Mona


Dr Mona Attarpour at SkinViva

Dr Mona Review
Review Dr Mona SkinViva
Dr Amarjit Landa

Dr Amarjit Landa

Miss Shazia Hafiz

Dr Shazia
Sharryn Evans Prescribing Aesthetic Nurse

Sharryn Evans

Aesthetic Nurse Prescriber

Dr Laura Bland

Review of Dr Bland
Dr Laura Bland
Dr Sharan

Dr Sharan Uppal


Dr Sharan Uppal at SkinViva

Review of Dr Sharan Uppal
Review Dr Sharan SkinViva
Review of Dr Sharan
Review of Dr Sharan Lip Filler

Dr Rebecca McNeill

Dr Rebecca McNeill

Aesthetic Clinicians FAQ

How are SkinViva's Aesthetic Clinicians qualified?
All of our Aesthetic Clinicians have medical qualifications. We have doctors, dentists and nurses carrying out consultations and aesthetic treatments; including some who also work as NHS GPs alongside their aesthetic careers.
Does it help having a mix of backgrounds?
Each clinician brings knowledge and experience from their own speciality that collectively make the team stronger (for example the dentists have very advanced knowledge of facial anatomy).
What medical qualifications do they have?
Each clinician has done at least a 5-year university degree, and then spent time in practice using their clinical skills before joining SkinViva. The doctors have medical qualifications and are regulated by the General Medical Council, and the dentists have dental qualifications and are regulated by the General Dental Council.
What aesthetics background do they have?
All are trained to a very high standard of skill and knowledge in the field of aesthetics, and receive ongoing training to keep their skills at the cutting edge of best practice in our industry.
Are they all a 'Dr'?
As a courtesy, you will see our dentists and doctors referred to with 'Dr' before their name throughout our website. You can find information about their individual clinical backgrounds above.

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