Aesthetic Clinicians

Aesthetic Clinicians

All consultations and treatments are carried out by highly trained aesthetic medical professionals

Elite CliniciansOur clinicians are all qualified doctors and dentists who have chosen to specialise in aesthetic treatments.

They have all undertaken further learning and gained considerable expertise and experience in non-surgical treatments before joining the SkinViva team.

The personal touch – treatments tailored to you.

It’s all about understanding. Before doing anything, our expert clinicians will sit with you, look at the problem area through your eyes and discuss the best solution. Which means your treatment will be tailored to you, subtly enhancing and refreshing your natural features. It’s an approach which is undeniably simple, yet effective. Just ask our clients!

Meet Our Aesthetic Clinicians

Dr Tim Pearce

Dr Tim Pearce

Clinical Director

“Be kind, for everyone we meet is fighting a hard battle.”

This is Dr Tim’s mantra, and one that rings true on a daily basis for the founder of SkinViva, who observes there’s always more than meets the eye:

“It always strikes me that when you’re in a conversation with someone, we’re nearly always in the midst of dealing with important challenges, but you would never guess on a casual chat.”

Experience in both life and work has revealed there’s always more than we see on the surface:

“I think most people look at others and assume their lives are simpler and easier than they really are, but we usually never know. I notice it also with how people feel about lines and wrinkles; often not noticed by others, these seemingly little issues can make a huge difference to how people feel and interact with others.”

And it’s this keen eye that helps Dr Tim deliver when he comes face to face with clients everyday:

“We really only see a very small part of the inner world of other people, and knowing this can help you to be kind and patient.”

Dr Tim founded SkinViva in 2008 after working as a GP. He qualified in medicine in 2006 following his studies at Warwick and Leeds universities. He spent his childhood in Johannesburg, South Africa before moving to the UK at the age of 14. Favourite treatments include those that are tailored to the whole face, including the combined nose and chin augmentations with dermal filler, as he says it reveals key features, like the eyes and mouth. He believes it gives a more beautiful look, but to the untrained eye it’s hard to spot why.

Beyond his professional life, Dr Tim is enjoying family life too and loves spending time with young son, Jasper. The two year old is wild about animals, and Dr Tim hopes to take him to visit a South African game reserve in the not too distant future.

GMC registration number: 6146575

Dr Sharan Uppal

Dr Sharan

Aesthetic Clinician

Born and bred just across the Pennines in Huddersfield, Dr Sharan qualified from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne as a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in 2003. For Dr Sharan, joining SkinViva has been one of the best decisions ever made. She says, “Everyone at SkinViva is genuinely friendly, supportive and there is a great team spirit. I feel part of something special, as there is a great ethos amongst everyone to deliver the best service we can.”

As SkinViva treatments go, full non-surgical facelifts, or ‘Vivalifts’ are Dr Sharan’s favourite, allowing her the chance to apply the whole scope of her aesthetic skills, to rejuvenate and freshen the full face. Expert, Dr Sharan says “this is a really satisfying treatment to carry out, as you see a beautiful transformation before your eyes, without making the client look like anyone other than a fresher version of themselves.”

Sharan has wonderful childhood memories of touring California as a 10 year old with her family. It was her first holiday, which she says opened her eyes to what a large and varied world we live in. The trip took her from areas of thick snow in the Zion National Park, to sweltering heats in Death Valley. It’s a trip she’d love to do all over again with her own children.

It’s with her kids that she now likes to bop about the house with the music blasting, and this good fun mum loves nothing more than spending time with her family outside of work. Sharan also loves all manner of films from Hollywood to Bollywood and everything in between – including horror movies, despite her aversion to being scared to death.

If she were to return in another life, she’d come back as herself, just as she is! Who wouldn’t want to return to dance around the house to Chaka Khan’s ‘Ain’t Nobody’ or Luther Vandross’ ‘Never Too Much’ – or her current favourite track (on repeat of course) ‘The Rhythm’ by MNEK? We only wish we could see that, Sharan. Do you sing-along too?

GMC registration number: 6075730

Video: Meet Dr Sharan

Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Dr Ahmed El Houssieny

Aesthetic Clinician

Dr Ahmed says that what he loves about working in aesthetics is the ability to make people happier and more self confident about how they look; which is an incredibly rewarding job.

“There is nothing more pleasing for me then to see a client come in with a problem and leave feeling problem solved!”

“The best part is the moment the patient looks in the mirror for the first time to see the results of the treatment – that is the most thrilling for me!”

Dr Ahmed joined SkinViva’s team of aesthetic doctors and dentists in 2016, attracted by the professional team who aspire to nothing short of excellence and demonstrate an unrivaled ethical approach to patients.

His particular specialty is in treating frown lines using Botox injections. Most patients frown a lot and this can look quite negative as well as ageing. Treating frown lines enables patients to project a more positive look to life. The procedure is very quick and easy for the patient, yet highly effective.

Dr Ahmed takes a lot of pride in his work and aims to please people. He says:

“I am an absolute perfectionist and will never accept second best.

To further his knowledge, Dr Ahmed is working on a masters in aesthetic medicine and regularly attends scientific meetings to keep abreast of the latest cutting edge techniques and products that can be used to help his patients get the best results they deserve.

GMC registration number: 5209374

Video: Meet Dr Ahmed

Dr Aimee Clark

Dr Aimee Clark

Aesthetic Clinician

York Born, Dr Aimee, a dentist by profession, joined the team in summer 2016, bringing with her an impressive resume of qualifications.

With degrees from top universities in both Biology and Dentistry, a membership at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh over three years as a practising dentist under her belt, and aesthetics training from SkinViva Training, you can be sure that with Aimee, you are in extremely safe (and steady) hands!

You may be wondering what SkinViva’s newest star dentist likes to do when she’s not collecting professional accolades. Well, according to Aimee… anything at all as long as it involves food! SkinViva’s resident northern lass likes nothing more than unwinding in her favourite restaurant after a long day at work. So, what does this Yorkshire girl choose to chow down on? Pie and mash, fish and chips? A hearty stew? Not quite… Dr Aimee has eschewed her traditional roots in favour of fine dining. Not only is her favourite restaurant in up market Cannes, but SkinViva’s gifted gastronaut also hopes to travel the world one day, stopping off at every 3 star Michelin restaurant that she can find along the way (sounds pricey!).

Whenever she’s not sampling the culinary delights that her home city, Manchester, has to offer, Dr Aimee can be found delivering fabulous results at the SkinViva clinic.

Her favourite treatment? Dermal Fillers. Aimee loves seeing fantastic results straight away and believes that the best feeling you can have as an aesthetic dentist, is when a client looks in the mirror after their treatment and says “Wow!”

To this dentist, making a positive difference to the way that someone feels is what it’s all about and at SkinViva, we couldn’t agree with her more.

GDC registration number: 244212

Dr Adam Cheong

Dr Adam

Aesthetic Clinician

Manchester born Adam works as a GP in and around Manchester, but felt the 10 minute consultation he has with patients as a GP means he always feels like he is rushing. Not so at SkinViva.

“When I first started training with SkinViva what struck me most was the time that Dr Tim and the other clinicians took to talk and make their clients feel comfortable – and really listening to find out what it is the client really needed.”

With a newborn baby at home, Adam is a busy man, working part time as an NHS GP, a clinical lecturer at the University of Manchester Medical School, a GP for Babylon Ltd, and an Aesthetics clinician! But Adam is far from feeling burnt out:

“My diverse career means that I get to do different things each day, and get to challenge myself on a weekly basis – personal growth is very important to me.”

When not working one of his numerous jobs, Adam enjoys playing Golf, tennis, cycling, and keeping fit, as well as playing the piano. He also enjoys travelling, having spent over a year exploring Asia and South America, his highlight being 9 weeks doing medical work in Nepal as a student. He was also a former member of the England Karate Team and trained with them for years while attaining his black belt, bringing confidence, coordination and focus into his life.

Adam prides himself on offering safe and attractive treatments, which brings him great job satisfaction.

“This job is by far the most rewarding one I have” says Adam.

His favourite treatment is Lip filler and Non-surgical Rhinoplasty –

“I feel that with both of these treatments the immediate effect is so visible, and it can have such a positive effect on a client’s confidence. I also feel extremely lucky to work with such a great team here at SkinViva”

GMC number 7079895

Medical Qualifications

Within our clinical team, we have some dentists and some doctors. Amongst the doctors, some are GPs and we also have a dermatologist and anaesthetist.

Each clinician brings knowledge and experience from their own speciality that collectively make the team stronger (for example the dentists have very advanced knowledge of facial anatomy).

Each clinician has done at least a 5-year university degree, and then spent time in practice using their clinical skills before joining SkinViva.

The doctors have medical qualifications and are regulated by the General Medical Council, and the dentists have dental qualifications and are regulated by the General Dental Council.

All are trained to a very high standard of skill and knowledge in the field of aesthetics, and receive ongoing training to keep their skills at the cutting edge of best practice in our industry.

As a courtesy, you will see our dentists and doctors referred to with 'Dr' before their name throughout our website. You can find information about their individual clinical backgrounds above.

For More Information

Please contact us on 0161 865 1141 or if you would like further details about our clinical team.