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The world of aesthetics can be a confusing place. With new innovations hitting the market every day, it can be difficult to know your anti-aging injections from your fillers and with every new treatment comes a heap of unanswered questions.

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    Luckily we are here to help! Check out our complete A-Z guide below to find the answers to some of your most common queries…

    A is for… Anti-aging injections

    Q – What are anti-aging injections?

    A – Our anti-aging injections contain a type of Botulinum Toxin made by the biggest aesthetics manufacturer in the world, Allergan. It works by blocking signals from nerves to the muscles, which then prevents the area from moving. It can be used to combat the effects of ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

    B is for… Be Yourself

    Q – What if I look like a different person?

    A – You will still look like you! Our doctors pride themselves on their ability to create a natural look that complements your features; so you don’t have to worry about looking ‘done’ or answering awkward questions from family and friends.

    C is for… Consultation

    Q – What if I am unsure about my treatment?

    A – SkinViva offer a free consultation service with a doctor before every appointment. This is to help decide what treatment will give you the best results and also to answer any questions you may have.

    da vinci lips skinvivaD is for… Da Vinci Lips

    Q – What are ‘Da Vinci lips’?

    A- Da Vinci lips are an exciting new treatment pioneered by SkinViva’s Clinical Director, Dr Tim Pearce. Dr Tim uses Leonardo Da Vinci’s principles about symmetry and beauty to sculpt your lips so that they are perfectly proportioned.

    E is for…End Result

    Q – How long will I have to wait before I see any changes?

    A – It depends on what treatment you have. The effects of anti-aging injections takes around two weeks to start showing and the effects of fillers are instant! But bear in mind, your treatment will only look its absolute best once any swelling or bruising has gone down.

    F is for… Follow Up

    Q – What if I have any questions after my treatment?

    A – All SkinViva clients are entitled to a complimentary follow up appointment after every treatment. During this appointment the doctor will check how your treatment is progressing and even top up if appropriate. It’s all about giving you the best results!

    G is for… Great Reputation

    Q – Do you train other Doctors?

    A – Yes, SkinViva Training is our sister company. Doctors and nurses attend training courses by our doctors to learn about the art of injecting.

    H is for… Happy Customers

    Q – Have you had good reviews?

    A – We think all our clients are amazing and they love us too! SkinViva has been rated as the top clinic in Manchester for injectables (ThreeBestRated.com) and has an almost perfect score on Google (4.7/5). We treat our clients like family and want to make sure that everyone who visits our clinic, leaves us feeling completely rejuvenated. This is what makes SkinViva so special.

    I is for… Industry Leaders

    Q – What products do you use for your treatments?

    A – At SkinViva we work closely with Allergan, the most experienced manufacturers of anti-aging injections in the industry. Our doctors have even been trained in the latest techniques by key opinion leaders in the industry.

    juvederm rangeJ is for… Juvederm

    Q – What is Juvederm?

    A – Juvederm is one of the world’s dermal fillers. Juvederm fillers are made of Hyaluronic Acid which is already produced naturally in your skin. This makes it both safe and highly effective.

    K is for… Knowing our Stuff

    Q – Are all of your treatments administered by a doctor?

    A – Yes, at SkinViva all of our clinicians are qualified doctors and some practise GP as well! So you can be sure that whatever you need, you are in safe hands.

    L is for… Lumigan

    Q – What is Lumigan?

    A – Lumigan is our incredible eyelash serum. Applied at the base of your lashes, the serum gradually enhances their length and thickness, giving you amazing results in just a few weeks.

    M is for… Making the right choice

    Q – How will I know if I am asking for the right treatment?

    A – Ethics is of the upmost importance to our doctors, so they will never treat you for something you don’t need, whether that means changing your treatment plan or even saying no sometimes.

    N is for… Non-surgical

    Q – Will my treatments involve surgery?

    A – No, at SkinViva we specialise in non- invasive treatments because we believe that it is possible to achieve beautiful results without the need for unnecessary surgery. And the bonus of this is, there is very little down time required after our treatments, so they won’t impact your day to day life.

    O is for Observers

    Q – Can someone come into the treatment room with me?

    A – Of Course. We understand that having a treatment can sometimes be a nerve wracking experience, which is why friends and family are always welcome in our treatment rooms to offer moral support.

    P is for…Painless Payments

    Q – Will I have to pay for my treatment all in one go?

    A – Nope. We offer an attractive monthly payment scheme to all our customers, to help you split the cost of your treatment into manageable payments. Find out more about our treatment prices.

    Q is for…Questions

    Q – What if I have some questions?

    A – Our dedicated Customer Service team are always on hand to help, whether your question is medical or even about the little things like how best to get to the clinic, our girls understand that when it comes to our clients, nothing is too small.

    non-surgical rhinoplastyR is for… Rhinoplasty

    Q – Can you really change someone’s nose without the need for surgery?

    A – Absolutely! Our expert doctors use carefully placed fillers to even out the nose and have had some incredible results.

    S is for… State of the art clinic

    Q – I don’t like hospitals or doctor’s surgeries, what is your clinic like?

    A – Don’t worry, at SkinViva, we understand that medical environments can be very intimidating, so we have designed our flagship Castlefield clinic to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Nothing like a trip to the doctor’s! And with our own car park, you won’t even need to panic about parking.

    T is for… Travelling

    Q – I won’t be able to get to the clinic; can you still treat me?

    A – Yes. Our doctors visit over twenty carefully chosen beauty salons in the Greater Manchester area. Just give our Customer Service team a call to find out which is closest to you.

    U is for… Unlimited care

    Q – What do you mean by unlimited care?

    A – Don’t feel that once you’ve left the clinic after your treatment that you can’t get in touch with us about any questions. You can contact us if you have any concerns or would like a free follow-up appointment. We are always here to help as your safety and happiness is most important to us.

    VivaliftV is for… VivaLift

    Q – What is the VivaLift?

    A – The VivaLift is a way of rejuvenating your entire face without the need for surgery! The latest dermal fillers are used in carefully selected areas to plump, smooth and lift your face, leaving you looking visibly younger.

    W is for… Working with our clients

    Q – At SkinViva, there is nothing we like more than treating our clients. So if you tell your friends about us, for each one who comes in for treatment, you will receive a £25.00 credit on your account.

    X is for… kisses

    Q – Once I’ve had my lips done, how long will it take for the swelling to go down?

    A – Don’t worry! Your kissers won’t be out of action for too long, around 48 hours, although it does vary from client to client. In fact, once you unveil your new perfect pout, you might find yourself puckering up even more than usual!

    Y is for… Young at heart

    Q – Will I look and feel younger?

    A – At SkinViva we understand that how you feel is just as important as how you look, so to help our clients feel their best, we make sure that we really listen to them and understand their vision. This means we will be on hand to offer support through every step of your journey.

    zo skin healthZ is for… ZO skin health

    Q – I’ve noticed ZO skin health products in your reception, what are they for?

    A – SkinViva are exclusive suppliers of ZO cosmetics in Manchester. ZO is an American skin care brand designed to completely revitalise the skin. The products have anti -ageing properties and actually change the way that your skin regenerates, making it the perfect accompaniment to our treatments.

    So there you have it!

    A complete A-Z guide of SkinViva’s most commonly asked questions. We hope that these have been helpful, but remember, our amazing team in Customer Service are always on hand to help.

    So if you have another query just give us a call on – 0161 865 1141

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