8 Unusual Facts About Our Ageing Face

We definitely talk a lot about treatments that combat ageing here at SkinViva, yet today we want to talk more about the actual ageing process.

We all know about lines and wrinkles appearing. But what about the 8 rare facts about ageing that people don’t tell you about…


The 8 Most Unusual Facts about Ageing

  1. As we age our hairlines get higher and our eyebrows drop, making our foreheads appear larger.
  2. The tip of our nose droops as we age, which can also sometimes give the illusion of a dorsal bump.
  3. Aside from the sun, smoking is the biggest environmental cause of wrinkles around the mouth (hence smoker’s lines!) due to the repeated pursing of the lips.
  4. As we get older we lose bone mass, meaning our face does get smaller over time.
  5. The chin is one of the only parts of the face that ages upwards (tending to curl upwards) whilst everything else ages downwards.
  6. The facial muscles become more active as we get older, which is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles.
  7. The two bones that never stop growing are the nose and the ears.
  8. Once you pass 28 years old, the skin cells in your face don’t work the same way they used to.

How can we prevent these inevitable signs of ageing?

So, we can’t change facts, but we can help you out with different treatments that aim to reverse the ageing process.

Such as a dip in the nose can be reversed by using filler to lift the tip! Clever, huh? Or Botox injections aim to relax the muscle, which is a great way to reduce lines and wrinkles.

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Pop in for a free consultation and we can give you options that will suit your needs.


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