5 Reasons Why This Jawline Before & After is WRONG!

Jawline filler is easily one of the hottest trends for 2018, with Google Trends reporting a 150% increase in the amount of people searching for “jawline filler” compared to this time last year.

But just like the lip filler trend, there’s been some equally dreadful results causing quite the frenzy on Instagram.

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    jawline bad result

    …and actually damaging the reputation of this transforming treatment (that can have an incredible slimming effect too!). Boo hoo.

    We took to the streets of Manchester to see the public’s reaction and were relieved to find they too were horrified. See here.

    Why is this jawline treatment a bad result?

    What exactly makes this jawline before and after image so displeasing to the eye? Why is it so wrong? The SkinViva doctors explain…


    The main 5 reasons why this Jawline result is undesirable include:

    1. It’s far  too STRAIGHT
    2. Her chin is too PRONOUNCED
    3. It’s too MASCULINE for a female
    4. It looks so FAKE
    5. It’s completely out of PROPORTION

    All of the above are summed up in one word, completely UNNATURAL. But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

    But you can make filler treatments look natural when applying the Golden Ratios.

    Can jawline filler look natural?

    HELL YES! Jawline sculpting using dermal fillers can have some astounding results. Go on, check out our Instagram, we dare you.

    One client’s side profile was completely transformed, saying “I feel two stone lighter”. Click below to see the result.

    jawline before and after result

    What do you think?

    Luckily for our lovely lady in the horrific before & after picture, the results have been photo-shopped. We know, PHEW.

    BUT, it is a mimic of some of the terrifying before and after images we have seen on Instagram.

    What is your reaction? What does it remind you of? Or do you in fact like it? Comment below.

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