5 Questions With Dr Zohaib…

We asked Dr Zohaib 5 questions about his experience so far with us at SkinViva…

dr zohaib1). What do you like about people’s reactions to their treatments?

When they can’t stop staring at themselves in the mirror and smiling at themselves! Their eyes light up and I can’t help laughing along with them. Or when they turn to the friend that they’ve brought with them and say “LOOK!”

All of this means a job well done and another happy client.

2). What’s the best part about working in aesthetics?

The best part about working in aesthetics? I get to spend all day making people feel good about themselves…it’s a win – win! The awesome view of the garden from my room helps too 🙂

3). What’s your favourite treatment to do and why?

I love treating lips, it’s an instant “WOW!” reaction.

4). What do you like about working at skinviva?

Meeting new people and helping them solve their problems is really rewarding. Working at a place like SkinViva is really fun because everybody enjoys being here. I do a lot of cosmetic dentistry and I’ve repaired a lot of damaged lips when I worked in maxillofacial surgery… all of that helps massively when I see clients at SkinViva and I think they appreciate my work experience.

5). What makes SkinViva different from your perspective?

I think everyone at SkinViva really buys into our philosophy and enjoys working here. A lot of the staff have treatments themselves

and can relate to our clients. Nobody here really sees their work as “just a job” and that makes SkinViva a very unique place.

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