Is 30 years old really the ‘golden age’?

Being part of the medical aesthetics industry, it is easy to see that people want to try and look younger.

From Tear Troughs to Nose to Mouth lines, people commonly want treatment results to be anti-aging.

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    However – we at SkinViva Manchester have discovered that younger is not always better.

    Watch Dr Tim discuss aging with our lovely client below.

    20s vs 30s?

    Dr Tim actually argues that being in your 30s is much better than being in your 20s.

    This is because you still have a considerable amount of baby fat in your 20s.

    As we age, you lose the baby fat which then causes volume loss.

    So, when you are in your 30s you end up with the perfect balance between having little baby fat but also not a lot of volume loss.

    So, what does that mean?

    Dr Tim explains this by saying

    ‘‘As you lose your baby fat, your details come out. So your jawline improves, often you have a nicer jawline when you’re 30.”

    The balance between the two in your 30s leave you at your most scientifically beautiful.

    beauty science 30 20

    Dr Tim says

    ‘‘Now personally, I don’t think you need to make a 29-year-old look like a 25 year old. I actually think 30 is quite a nice balance between definition and beauty.’’

    After your 30s, volume continues to get lost and that is when aging becomes the most prominent.

    Our lovely client said this

    ”When I was a kid, I wasn’t chubby but I felt I had big cheeks and in all the pictures I hated it. But now when I take a picture of the side I really like how it looks.”

    But what if I’m older than 30?

    Either way – the aim is to not make you look a certain age or make you look young. The aim is to make you feel confident in yourself and your own skin.

    The way we can help you with this is by inviting you to a free Advanced Facial Analysis (AFA).

    During an AFA our clinicians will look at both your personal anatomy and psychology alongside the scientific rules of beauty.

    You will leave with a bespoke treatment plan than will help you feel fresher and just generally that little bit more confident.



    To book an Advanced Facial Analysis with one of our clinicians, call the clinic on 0161 865 1141 or e-mail at The appointment will take around 40 minutes and you will come out with a treatment plan bespoke to you.

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