3 Reasons To Consider Non-Surgical Nose Job

The non-surgical rhinoplasty is a cosmetic nose job carried out using dermal fillers to improve the shape and appearance of the nose. This option is best suited to 3 types of client. So if you were wondering whether it would be a good option for you, read on… 

Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is best suited to 3 types of client:

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    tim nose1. Smoothing out small deformities

    For these clients, the issues are cosmetic only – so completely about improving the appearance. In such cases, surgery is an unnecessary risk and expense, as excellent results can be achieved using advanced dermal filler techniques. Issues that can be improved include:

    • Smoothing and straightening out any humps, bumps and depressions
    • Recentring asymmetrical or ‘lopsided’ noses
    • Rebalancing noses that appear out of proportion – too large, too flat, to narrow or wide

    The ‘liquid nose job’ is usually the better alternative here. Results are quick and there is no lengthy healing time.

    2. Patients unwilling to have surgery

    In some cases, patients may have greater deformities and could benefit from formal rhinoplasty. Others may be advised that surgery is the best solution to improve breathing problems caused by the shape and structure of the nose.

    A surgical nose job does go further in addressing the bone structure and cartilage. It often involves actually breaking and resetting the nose, potentially removing bone to get rid of a prominent bump or protruding nose.

    However, this is drastic and there are significant issues to consider in terms of the hospital time, pain, initial recovery with bandages/splints then extended recovery, as it generally takes a year to properly settle down.

    Understandably, many patients are not willing or able to undertake a serious surgical procedure and are keen to try alternatives first, either as an interim measure or to see whether the results are satisfactory with the non-surgical approach.

    3. Patients who have already had rhinoplasty surgery

    Nose job surgery can often leave imperfections, even when everything is fully healed.

    The nature of the surgical procedure itself is quite brutal and invasive. Therefore the final result tends to be obscured by swelling until the healing is fully complete.

    Where clients are unhappy with the results of nose job surgery, non-surgical techniques using dermal fillers can be very beneficial.

    The long-lasting dermal fillers can smooth out depressions and refine the overall shape for a great aesthetic result.

    30-Minute Nose Job

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