3 Generations At SkinViva – Mum’s VivaLift

When Mum Tracy tried botox for her 40th birthday, she had no idea that SkinViva would go on to become a family affair. She loved the results so much that she went back for dermal fillers and inspired daughter Aimee to have lip filler too. Finally, Tracy’s Mum joined in! 

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    In part 3 of our story, Tracy shares how her Mum started visiting SkinViva too:

    So both me and my Daughter are regular clients with all the doctors at SkinViva, but to go on we have now also brought my mum who is in her late 60’s into the SkinViva family too.

    After spending an afternoon shopping with me and my Daughter my mother decided she was missing out on looking fabulous as she said both Aimee and I did…

    We really didn’t think she was serious, as she has never had any kind of treatment ever and never mentioned that she would be interested in having a go!

    So I called SkinViva and made her an appointment to see Dr Tim.

    So me, my mum & Aimee came to the beautiful city centre clinic for my mums consultation. Mum was giddy! We went in to see Dr Tim and he spent a long time going through my mums consultation.

    Tim decided as my mum had never had any treatment that she would benefit from a “VivaLift“. Something Aimee and I had seen leaflets on in the clinic, basically this could be seen as a liquid facelift. Non-invasive, no downtime, and a lot less bruising etc. Each treatment is bespoke as it’s made especially for you.

    So the treatment did take some time, but Tim was concentrating on injecting small amounts of botox and filler into my mums face, the treatment is very exact and takes Tim off into his own little world, sculpting and changing facial features.

    So after about an hour and a half mum was done.

    Her first words: “OMG I’ve got lips again, just think of all the lipstick I can go and buy”

    As mum had got older her lips had thinned dramatically and her eyes had begun to grow heavy etc.

    Wow… her whole face looked fresh, lifted and just not tired. So vibrant, we were all totally gobsmacked. So once again Tim had worked his magic, but now on my mum… who is totally thrilled and couldn’t wait to tell everyone about her VivaLift and Dr Tim, even the postman!

    So I’d love to see if Dr Tim has any other families like ours. Treating 3 generations of the same family, all differently of course but all totally thrilled with our results.

    We all tell everyone we meet about our experience with SkinViva & Dr Tim and forget to shut up.

    If you’re thinking about at treatment give the girls a call, they all have a ton of knowledge regarding treatments, the company cover over 80 salons across Manchester, Lancashire & Derbyshire. They work late evenings and weekends and the consultation is free! It’s a no brainer, I’d even speak to potential clients if they wanted to speak to me…

    I know lots of ladies who are still a bit nervous but honestly gave them a call, you’ll be pleasantly surprised, and if you do go ahead and have a treatment, I hope you’re as thrilled with the results as me, Aimee and my mum are!

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