1 syringe? Multiple treatments! – Patricia’s story

Did you know that you can have more than one area treated with one syringe of filler?

One example of this is when our lovely client Patricia recently came in to the SkinViva clinic for her treatment.

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    Have a watch below to see her amazing reaction.

    What did she have done?

    She originally came in for Cheek Enhancement, but also ended up having Lip Enhancement when there was some left-over filler in the syringe.

    Did this cost her more? No – as the filler all came from 1 syringe.

    It’s basically like getting 2 treatments for the price of 1!

    We believe in promoting a natural look through medical aesthetics, so our clinicians would rather use filler elsewhere that may benefit, rather than over-treat a certain area.

    ml filler

    How do you know which treatments to have?

    Our clinicians will look at both your physical anatomy and combine it with the scientific rules of beauty. This makes sure that you have the right treatments for your unique face.

    Because our clinicians are looking at your exact proportions, 1ml is not always needed in one area.

    This is what Dr Sharan said about Patricia’s treatment

    ‘We’ve done Patricia’s cheeks, and it’s just help give her a slimmer look I would say, and made her look more feminine. We now have a lovely V-ing and it’s given her a lovely heart shape and a bit of a lift to the face.’

    Cheek Enhancement had all these benefits on Patricia even though it was just less than one ml.

    patricia shocked treatment

    3 Cheek Enhancement benefits

    • The cheeks support other features on the face so if they are lifted it creates structure
    • Filler restores the cheeks with a youthful plumpness and gets rid of sallow and sunken in cheeks
    • Cheek filler can help structure the fact to become more heart shaped and feminine rather than square and masculine
    3 Lip Enhancement benefits
    • Restore volume to the lips after they get thinner through age
    • Re-balance lips so they are symmetrical and fit in with rest of facial features
    • Provide definition to areas such as the cupid’s bow and lip borders


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