1 in 4 people don’t tell their partner they’re having treatment

This Valentine’s Day, we’re celebrating a little differently at the SkinViva Manchester clinic, after our recent survey of a near 1000 people who’d had Botox or Dermal Fillers revealed that

1 in 4 people don’t actually tell their partner they’re having treatment! 

Meaning this could be the BIGGEST secret in aesthetics. Scroll down for some more interesting stats from the survey.

What happened when we got this couple to confess?

Meet Sarah and Garry, both have had Botox at SkinViva, but neither of them old each other that they were having it done.

THIS is what happened when they both found out…

“They just wouldn’t understand!”

Of the near 1000 people we surveyed at SkinViva, around 1 in 5 people don’t tell anyone (including friends, family and partners) that they have treatment.

  • “It’s none of their business” came out on top for reasons why you don’t tell specific people you’ve had treatment
  • Whereas 41% of people choose not to tell specific people they’ve had treatment due to negative reactions – such as they think they’ll judge them, they’ll think they’re vain, they’d tell them they don’t need it.

When digging into the reasoning behind why people wouldn’t tell your partner, 40% of people surveyed believed their partner would say they didn’t need treatment – who said romance was dead!

But this clearly shows how it’s not about physical appearance, there’s more to it in terms of psychology to understand the truth behind those kinds of passing comments.

  • The above is reflected with 1 in 5 people thinking that their partner just wouldn’t understand
  • Just under 10% of people think their partners would stop them from having it done – whether for monetary value or personal reasons

Something interesting…

From those people who do actually tell their partners, 1/3 of partners disagree with them having treatment, but in comparison, it’s great to see 70% of partners are supportive and can see the impact it has on the person’s wellbeing.



Overall, our confession with Sarah and Garry proves that the anxiety and fear around telling people about having treatment is much worse in our heads than it is in reality.

Do things that will make YOU happy, in turn people will most likely be ok with it.

Have anything to confess to your partner? Head to the SkinViva Facebook and Instagram pages using #TruthLove and let it all out!

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